Other Services


Branching out

You’ve got your branding strong, your vision clear, your messaging concise and your website ready. Now you need those extra pieces of design to help share your business message.

examples of print design

Print Design

A growing small business may need a range of marketing materials such as business cards, flyers and promotional branded items. If you are an existing client or your branding is already strong then I’d love to help ensure you are

event invite design example

Invitations & Event Collateral

I have worked on a range of invitation designs from company events to weddings, anniversaries and birthdays for private clients. Often designs for events require their own identity and need to be adapted for social media and email marketing for promotion as well.

vector graphic illustration

Illustrations & Graphics

As a designer I am comfortable with creating a range of icons and graphics for use in design pieces. I also have a separate portfolio website of my mostly hand drawn illustration work for portraits, beauty, fashion and lifestyle.


Something Else

Not everything fit’s into a nice little box or label of what you need or maybe, and this is okay, your not quite sure what you need yet! If you’ve seen my work and think we could work well together then let’s chat through your thoughts, ideas and vision.